by PNTHN, Project Pat

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Prod. Por Vida, Nephew Hesh, Guflwey


Project Pat (Verse 1):

Niggas owed me some money, had to slide on the bitch
Had to ride on that bitch, homicide on that bitch
Supposed to be my dawg, had ties with this trick
Flipped pies with this bitch, but he still tried some shit

The rules of the street, never change never snitch
Keep your mouth closed, don’t be gossiping like a bitch
If my pockets get low, I’ma grab the pistol grip
Tell the plug meet me with a 100, rob me a bitch

Pull the plug on the plug, it can happen in this bitch
Project been pullin moves, I ain’t just rappin in this bitch
Fuck around and get your shit shot off in this hoe
Kick a door in this hoe, man you know how this goes

Kenny Casanova (Verse 2):

Kick a door in dis ho
Left a carbon footprint
Nigga i blow too much smoke
Buck shot for da doofus
Broke her walls w my notes
Put em on pause if dey a foe
Uh uh
You like to do coke
Duece duece left you open
Rope a dope w holsters
Witches brew me up a potion
Face me mine like poker
Posters like a warrant
Im gon curve tha bullet cuz tha police say im wanted
Come around get haunted
Tha spirit get to sparkin


Im outta line online
Im high all tha time
I ride wit my niggas
I ride til i die

Gulfwey (Verse 3):

Woke up with two bands around my neck bitch
Cold as the winter when the sun set in the west bitch
Blue diamond choker make me wanna throw a color
You soft like pillow bet you hiding undercover

Reach in the cupboard (grab the bat)
Peep thru the window (where he at)
He in the oven
Body of kinfolk
I’m slidin a rental
I’m hiding a shit show
Whether the diamonds in dental
Ima keep priming your earlobe

Twohorizonra (Verse 4)

Nigga mister he who be in all black gon lay dem foos again
I’m off the boose prolly makin the news young southern hooligan

Can’t take no offers

I’m sealin da deal wit my fate wit the blood oath I take puttin’ heart on da blade and yo head in a lake
Cannot fuck wit the fake
Or the snakes movin proper

Jumpin’ the haters like Frogger
Knew they would jump ship so why bother
Niggas in danger

When Kenny go Loggin we fuckin the game up till nothin the same bruh I come wit the heat cuz I’m hoggin the beef nigga will hold a grudge if you botherin me
Big shogun get tapped out
Watch yo weight nigga ball like

Run when they pull up gon back out
Trustin dem fools gunna cause a blackout

Really a nigga will act out if you is snoozing you losin get clapped out

All about dem commas livin thru drama make a nigga go lose lose his mind

Goal from pursuit is gon take some time
In a gold leopard suit gettin cake and dimes
Don’t make a nigga go cross the line
Sublime two joints and a glass of wine

I whoop a nigga ass on live TV run it back DVR cop a DVD
Uncut version see behind the scenes
I slapbox a nigga then shoulder lean
Gran coupe rollin too fast too clean nigga strong b da smoke neva killing me

Kenny Casanova (Chorus):

Im outta line online
Im high all tha time
I ride wit my niggas
I ride til i die


released February 11, 2020


all rights reserved





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